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Superdrol Verification Problem!

Dear Odin users,

According to previous announcement, we have fixed verification code migration of Superdrol. Now you can verify your products without a problem.

If you have any issue like this, we will be glad if you report problem to us. We are Odin family and your suggestions are always welcome by us.

Thanks for understanding.
Best Regards.

Product Verification Problem!

Dear Odin users,

We are sorry to announce that we have verification issues at our system. We got complaints from our users and suppliers about some products' verification problem and we are very sorry for the confusions. We can approve that we have verification problem for some Sarms series and Trenbolone Acetate 100 products. Not all products but some Sarms series can not be verified (seems as not valid product code/fake). Also Some of Trenbolone Acetate 100 products seems as Testosterone Acetate at verification result.

In last year, We had some problems with our domain name provider about old domain name and we had to change them all with our hosting service. In this renew period we had some data loss. Our IT team worked on this data loss and database merging problems and we have succeed 70%. This problem was related for some countries laws and orders. While we were using a well known international company as domain/hosting provider, we had to remove all our data to our own servers. Unfortunately we had some data loss while moving process.

Now we could find the lost data for sarms series and we will integrate these data with our new database. You will be able to verify your Sarms products without a problem. We have around 600.000 record in our database which means we produced 600.000 pcs Odin products to market already. So this process takes some time to fix it. Now we are working on Trenbolone 100 product verification problem and planning to solve it soon also.

In this period, you can check your supplier at and be sure that your products are 100% legit if your supplier is verified. This means our main dealer supplies your products and nothing to worry about it. You do not need to worry about our products' legitimate because of the verification problem. We still send our products examples to 3rd party laboratories and publish laboratory test results of our products.

If you have any issue like this, we will be glad if you report problem to us. We are Odin family and your suggestions are always welcome by us.

Thanks for understanding.
Best Regards.

Product Verification

All Odin Pharma Products have uniqe verification code (scrapable) on boxes.

Supplier Verification

To verify your supplier is authanticated or not


All Odin Pharma products are being tested at third party laboratories.


We use GMP standard raw materials, USP Grade Manufacturing materials.

Our Product Categories

We are manufacturing Injectable Anabolic Steroids, Oral Anabolic Steroids, Human Growth Hormones, Pepdites, PCT Medicines and Sexual Health Medicines under the name of Odin Pharma.

Most Quality Solution

Odin Pharma products became most professional athletes and IFBB pros' choice in few years. 99,9% purity laboratory approved raw materials, USP materials and GMP standard manufacturing process make Odin products most Quality in market.


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Our Latest News

We had 2 website addresses: and We decided to publish our new website design to a new domain name. We changed our website addresses as

You can verify your old Odin products from our old addresses and new Odin products from our new website address

Changing Vials!

We are changing our 10ml vials to amber color. There are still transparent color Odin Products in market. This does not mean that your product is original or not. Always use Product Verification to authenticate your Odin products.

07, 2020

Exp. & Lot Macth!

We got some complaints about the Exp. Date and Lot number matching problems on boxes and vials. We made a research at our production line and realised that the mistake which caused by our packing machine. We are sorry for the problem. Odin has product verification system to authenticate your products and all products have unique codes which can be used once. When you verify your product and it seems original, you can use it on trust.

For the Exp. date: Please take the date on vials as Exp. date of the product.

07, 2020

Legal Attention!

ODIN Pharma does not ship to countries, which classify these pharmaceuticals as special controlled or scheduled substances, including but not limited to the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe. We do not sell any products online. We do not sale to the public. We do not ship any products. We are not directly or indirectly associated with any websites that may engage in selling same or similar products. Information contained within this website is not a prescription to use and is intended for information purposes only. We are based in Asia and follow local laws accordingly.

12, 2019

About Us

Founded in 2018, Odin Pharma is a sterile pharmacetuical company that manufactures and markets medicines for the worldwide healthcare market.

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